Liqueurs, their history dating back to over a thousand years ago, are considered to be drinks of the senses, tastes and aromas that overwhelm the palate from the very first tasting.

Our desire to be part of this history led us to the foundation of Fonte di Vita, making that desire a reality. The liqueur distillery Fonte di Vita is a new beverage company established in Milia Kozanis, a small village surrounded by low hills and ablaze with the green of the landscape, combining the harmony of nature with the creation of production.

For the production of our liqueurs, we apply the oldest known natural method of beverage production, that of extraction. A method customised and based on our own new, innovative creations · products without any chemical additives – be it color additives to enhance natural colors or artificial aromas preserving the naturalness of the fruit.



Each first liqueur tasting provokes a delight and revitalizes ones mood, bringing a smile on the taster’s face a smile… the fountain of life, therefore the name Fonte di Vita.

” The most beautiful thing in the world is the smiling face. Einstein ”